Ideguchi Satoshi
Name Ideguchi Satoshi
Kanji 出口智志
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Team Lycaons
Position Catcher
Personal Status
Relatives None known
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Yamaguchi Kappei
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Ideguchi Satoshi (出口智志) is a side character of the One Outs series. He is a professional baseball player and the catcher for the Saitama Lycaons, assisting Tokuchi in his plans to crush opposing teams and win the championship.


Ideguchi has brown hair styled in a bowl cut with an undercut. He has facial hair on his top lip and along his chin, with blue eyes and prominent eyelashes.


Ideguchi is one of the first of the teammates of the Lycaons to acknowledge Tokuchi's talents. He is the "reasonable" one of the team, and has a bit of a "cute" personality- his voice being one of the main reasons. He is trustworthy, shown in his loyalty to Tokuchi and the team. Because of this, Tokuchi has enough faith in Ideguchi to include him in his plans.