Episode 1

"The Mysterious Man"

Kojima is in last year in the last year of his major league and has never won a championship.He and a few teammates go on a training camp to practice.Their only injures his finger and can no longer pitch to Kojima.The remaining teammates feel bad and begin to search for a new pitcher quickly.Who they find and where they find this new pitcher is what they are not expected.

Episode 2


Episode 3

"One-Outs Contract"

Episode 4

"The Qualification of Nine"

Episode 5


Episode 6

"Low Spinning Ball"

Episode 7

"Trick and Trap"

Episode 8

"Foul Play"

Episode 9


Episode 10

"Strategist Versus Gambler

Episode 11

"The World's Fastest Man"

Episode 12

"Invisible Pitching Style"

Episode 13

"Sealed Legs"

Episode 14

"9-person infield"

Episode 15

"1-player infield"

Episode 16

"Trick Stadium"

Episode 17

"The deceiving Knuckleball"

Episode 18

"Stolen Sign"

Episode 19

"Shady Signal"

Episode 20


Episode 21


In the second game against the Blue Mars,the Lycaons turned the enemy's strategy against them and won. Day of the third game, Tokuchi said to Manager Mihara that their agreement from the second game is valid until the end of the 3rd game. And then Tokuchi decided to change their sign system because it was stolen by the opponents on the second game. Tokuchi suggested to use jersey number of the Blue Mars's batter for them to determine their new sign system. In the middle of the game,Lycaons, as they use their new signs. They were so confused, that why is it like the opponents know what they will do next. In the end, Tokuchi concluded that they were being wiretapped.

Episode 22


Episode 23


Episode 24


Episode 25

"Beyond the Triumph"

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